Fayette County Commissioners are committed to making sure all residents have access to reliable, affordable, convenient and high speed internet service. They have established the 2020 Fayette County Broadband Deployment Project which will initially establish 25 Free WiFi Hot Spots in the county. Future goals are to add additional Free Hot Spots and promote broadband opportunities for all county residents and businesses. Here you will find information, current status and updates about the Fayette County Broadband Project.

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The Fayette County Commissioners have established the Fayette County Broadband Deployment Project as an initiative to establish broadband internet througout the county. This first phase should provide internet access to some of the most rural portions of Fayette County and places where no internet options exist today.


Many Fayette County families have no reasonable, reliable and affordable access to high speed internet where they live. Broadband is an essential need for all of Fayette County residents. 


Free WiFi Hot Spots will be established in key locations throughout the county. Some people may have access to the Hot Spots from their home. Others can travel a short distance to access these the internet.


Cournty Building, Uniontown 

Route 40/Main St, Uniontown 

Connellsville St, Uniontown 

Bailey Park, Uniontown 

St Paul AME Church, Uniontown

Uniontown Hospital, Uniontown

East End Community Center, Uniontown

Hutchinson Park, South Union Township

Areford Park, South Union Township

North Union Rec Center, North Union Township

Jumonville Training Center, North Union Township

Watering Trough, North Union Township

Lick Hollow, South Union Township

Scenic Overlook, South Union Township

Wharton Furnace, Wharton Township

Wharton Furnace Chapel, Wharton Township

Kentuck Knob, Stewart Township

Fallingwater, Stewart Township

Mill Run Firehall, Springfield Township

Laurel Mountain Baptist Church, Wharton Township

Ohioplye Borough

Laurel Highlands Information Center, Wharton Township

Wharton Township Municipal Building

Bear Run Church of Brethren, Stewart Township

Canaan Church, Wharton Township

Mountain Fellowship Center, Henry Clay Township

Henry Clay Township Park

Markleysburg Borough Park 


The Hot Spots locations are scheduled to be completed by December 15, 2020.


The Fayette County Broadband Deployment Project was put out to bid in August 2020. Vitalink LLC of Markleysburg PA was awarded the project.